Is 2017 The Year for a New Job?

There is something about a New Year that gets people thinking about their health and their careers. January and February are peak times for personal trainers, dietitians and gyms. It is also a great time to spend some serious time thinking about what you want in your career for 2017.

You may find that your career has stagnated slightly in recent years. It maybe that it has been a while since your last promotion, or perhaps you have been in your comfort zone for too long. Is 2017 the time to shake things up?

According to this Infographic from Seek 47% of Australians are thinking about getting a new job in 2017. How many of them will go from “thinking” to proactive job searching? Some statistics suggest only 22% will take the next step. Will you be part of the group of people changing their lives this year?

Here is how we suggest you get job ready in 2017

What do you want?

1.Spend an hour thinking about what you want from your career in 2017.
Consider what you want from the following:

Is it access to more interesting projects?
Is it people leadership experience?
Is it taking a step up the career ladder?
Is it a salary increase?
Is it making a career change?
Is it working more flexibly?

What do you value?

2. Spend some time thinking about your Values.
Working for an organisation that prides itself on principles that are not important to you has an impact on your career satisfaction. By understanding your own values, you can ensure you are working for an company that aligns with your beliefs. You could use this self-assessment tool from Mind Tools to determine your values. You may find that they have changed over time. Being self-aware of your values is useful when it comes to determining your ideal employer or role.
Once you know this it is easy to research potential ideal employers. Most companies will include their company values on their website.

What to you bring to the table?

3. Update your CV
Now that you know what you want in 2017 and what is important to you, it is time to update your CV. Make sure that it is in an easy to read and professional format. We suggest that you format it in a chronological order and make use of sub headings and dot points for easy scanability.
Ensure that you include your achievements for each role. They should be stated in a way that demonstrate their significance. Use figures and percentages where you can.

4. Update your LinkedIn profile
Often LinkedIn is the first place a prospective employer will find you online. Your online profile should present you in a professional light. It should include a professional headshot and be up to date to reflect your current role, skills and employer.
Consider the key words that are relevant to your industry or desired next role. Ensure that your profile includes these words where they are relevant.

Who do you know?

5. Network
We all know that not all job roles are advertised. Tapping into your network is a great way to increase your chances of being referred to a new employer. For more information about networking for success in 2017 you can read our Blog here.

Improve your skills

6. Determine the skills you need for your dream job.
Spending time thinking about your career also demands a little bit of introspection. Do you have a skills gap that needs to be addressed to get to your next role? Be honest with yourself about this or take the time to talk to a respected mentor, advisor or supervisor. If there is a gap in your skills that you can address by research and reading then you can proactively do this. If it requires further training consider talking to your employer about developing you in this direction.

When was the last time you took action on your career? When did you last spend time thinking about your career goals? We hope 2017 is your year for career progression and action!
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