Why you should consider hiring Millennials

The Health and Safety industry, like many others, is dealing with a changing workforce. One end of the workforce is ageing and more and more working people are over the age of 60. At the other end of the spectrum Millennials are demanding attention, jobs and careers.

A Millennial is defined as anyone born between 1982-2004. Millennials have had to overcome a bad reputation in the workforce. They have been described as hungry for career progression without being prepared to do the hard work to get there. Some have been described as “entitled”. They also have a reputation for being less loyal to a company and more selfish. These descriptions are obviously a complete generalisation. We also suspect things have changed for this generation now that they have lived through the GFC.

Deloitte has recently released their 6th annual survey of millennial workers. You can see the full article here. Of particular interest in this article is the millennial workforce preferring full time permanent work as opposed to freelance or consulting opportunities. They are also enamoured with the idea of making a difference to the world via their employers.

What’s special about Millennials?

  • They are more likely to be motivated by professional development opportunities rather than money or salary increases.
  • They are quite focussed on having their values align with the company they are going to commit to. For example if they take an interest in the environment they are likely to want to work for a firm with strong environmental policies. They are more community minded than generation X. They want to make a difference.
  • They prefer real time feedback rather than quarterly performance reviews.
  • They are interested in the world and have a desire to travel.
  • They are more likely to job hop whilst they find what they are after.
  • They are likely to prioritise their life outside work.

How do you find and retain Millennial staff?

We are often asked to find talent in this segment of the workforce and have found that the following are great ways to attract and engage with the millennial community. Some of our clients are also using these tactics to maximise their success in this area.

  • Social media: According to this article by Forbes 86% of Millennials who are looking for a job will do both their research and job hunting via Social Media. This means that it is in your interest to have your Company LinkedIn Page and your Company Facebook page looking slick and engaging. You may even want to consider a presence on Instagram and Snapchat if you really want to get your brand in front of millennials
  • Use content marketing principles on your website. A millennial will often read your blog and other key information prior to applying for a role with your company.
  • Offer internships: this helps you get young and inexperienced recruits straight out of university.
  • Offer global opportunities if at all possible. Take advantage of their willingness to travel and see the world.
  • Consider offering corporate wellness plans and community volunteering programs. They respond well to such programs.

What’s in it for you?

There are many advantages to hiring millennial team members:

  • The ability to train younger less experienced staff the way you want.
  • They are possibly slightly cheaper and less interested in financial rewards than more experienced staff.
  • They will add to your diversity and productivity with new ideas and enthusiasm.
  • They respond well to change compared to other generations.
  • They tend to have a good understanding of safety having been raised by protective generation X and Baby Boomer parents.
  • They are digital natives and embrace technology.
  • They are the next generation of leaders.

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