6 Tips for Winning your Dream Role in a Candidate Tight Market

This article from our colleagues at NPA Worldwide highlights that 2017 was likely to be a candidate tight market. They were right. It is a great time to be a talented employee with solid experience and skills.

At first glance it might seem an easy time to land the role of your dreams. It could be the perfect time to take your leave from a role that is no longer challenging.

We still think as a candidate it is appropriate you should always do your due diligence no matter the market. At Arnold Group we want to ensure that you are always accepting an offer at a company that is right for you.

Due diligence involves more than a cursory glance at a company and the prospect of more take home pay. Now is not the time to get carried away by competing offers and promises of quick career progression. You need to ensure that their company values align with your own. You also need to determine that your skills, experience and personality are right for their company culture.

We are recommending to our clients that they respond to talented applicants quickly. We also recommend that they match the market when it comes to salaries and benefits. But what can you do as a job seeker to make the most of market conditions?

These are our tips for landing the right role in a candidate tight market.

  1. Network in person

Reach out to your network of former employers, colleagues, clients and friends. Ensure they know your skill base and that you are looking for a new and challenging role. These are the people that should be ready to recommend you should

Many companies have a “refer a friend” program where existing staff can recommend a friend for a role.  Ensure your friends who work for companies that interest you are aware you are looking for a new role.

Reach out to the lead recruiters in your field and make sure they are aware of your talents and availability. At Arnold Group many roles are filled directly from our database or from referrals by existing candidates or clients.

  1. Network online

Use the power of LinkedIn to reach out online. Join groups that are relevant to your industry. Engage with connections by liking and commenting on their posts. This helps build up your profile and your authority in a particular field. 

Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is looking good and makes a great impression. It should include a professional headshot. Your LinkedIn headline should refer to the problem you solve. Your career summary should include key words you want to be found for.

It makes a great impression to have a recommendation from a colleague/ manager at previous roles. It might be worth spending some time connecting with people that can help make that happen. 

Follow companies that interest you and those you would love to work for on LinkedIn. This can help you discover their job opportunities as soon as they come up.

  1. Understand what you are looking for

Hopefully you have spent some time career planning and knowing what you are looking for. This should also include an honest self-assessment of your skills and experience. It should also include an honest self-assessment of any gaps or development requirements. 

  1. Ensure your job applications are customised

This means a tailored CV and cover letter for every single role. Both should address the selection criteria and seek to make a great first impression. Your cover letter may only ever get scanned quickly by a recruiter or hiring manager, so consider this when you are writing it. 

  1. Highlight your transferrable skills

A candidate tight market can be a great time to make a strategic career change. Be clear on the skills you have that are applicable to the role you are after. Examples might include:

  • Stakeholder management
  • Customer service
  • Analytical skills
  • Leadership skills
  1. Be aware of where the recruiters are hanging out

Recruiters often get more creative when it comes to tracking down talented employees. Without giving away our secrets, technology has changed job search. Recruiters can target prospective hires with geographic targeting or company specific targeting. Some recruiters are even branching into millennial tech like Snapchat and WhatsApp. This is a good time to brush off your tech skills so you are the first to hear of a great opportunity. This article might spark a few further ideas how technology is changing job search.

If you are looking for new role in the Health and Safety Industry then Arnold Group can help.  We have developed a strong reputation for providing quality recruitment services. We focus on the niche fields of Safety, Insurance and Risk. We invite you to follow our LinkedIn Company page to see available roles and industry news.