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Established in 2016, Career People Australia is a boutique consultancy providing customised workplace solutions that make a positive difference! With a passion for people’s growth and development, we focus on the human impact and behavioural elements of change, and enable organisations and individuals to achieve results whilst enjoying what they do!

Through expert coaching and facilitation of individuals and teams, we consistently apply broad principles around agreed ways of working, leadership behaviour, change sponsorship, role clarity and visibility on progress to make things happen!

Our team combines the expertise of professional coaches, organisational development consultants, change specialists and Human Resources experts to design and deliver services tailored to meet the specific needs of organisations and their employees. We also provide coaching and career support to private clients. Please click any of the links below to read more about any of our services.

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  • Melbourne
  • Level 1, 517 Flinders Lane,
    Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Ph: (03) 9642 2227
  • Sydney
  • Level 9, 84 Pitt Street,
    Sydney NSW 2000
  • Ph: (02) 8915 1999

Safety People is a division of Arnold Group Australia which is a boutique recruitment firm of world-class recruiters trained and experienced in sourcing active and passive (non-job seeking) candidates.

We do more than simply advertise your vacancy. The first thing we do is listen to what you need and gain an understanding of the culture of your organisation. This is about people, not probability, and our experience will ensure we find the right candidate in the right time.

Arnold Group also offer RPO's or Recruitment Process Outsourcing which works on much of the same principles as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) where an organisation has to perform various processes that are widely different in scale and method to deliver its service. Some of these processes are quite resource intensive to perform on an organisational scale. Hence if the organisation delegates that work to another company specialising in providing that special service, the process becomes easier and more cost effective for the company.

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