Thought Leadership

At Career People Australia we are genuinely passionate about keeping abreast of current trends and research in organisational change and organisational development. Our research in this area informs our solutions for our customers ensuring we provide a contemporary, yet practical approach to an organisation’s workforce-related challenges. Given the increasingly rapid pace of workplace change, it is critical that we offer products and services to organisations and individuals that will set them up for success in the future ‘world of work’.

The Quest for Humanity in the Changing Face of the Future Workforce

How will all the advancements in technology impact on the workforce of the future? Will the rise of the gig economy have a positive or negative impact? This paper considers both sides of the ‘quest for humanity’ coin

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Transitioning to Retirement

Transitioning to retirement is not an issue that can be ignored these days with an ageing workforce. Organisations will no doubt be wanting their long-serving older employees to leave the company on a good note, so it is important that these employees are effectively supported through their transitioning to retirement stage; such support then reaps benefits for the organisation to as the retiring employee effectively transfers their knowledge and experience to their younger colleagues ensuring not only sustainability but future business success.

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